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About us :

What we believe !

1 - The divine inspiration and supreme authority of the Scriptures, which contain no error in their original form.

2 - The Trinity :
  The Father: His authority, his omnipotence, his perfect justice and mercy.
  The Son: His pre-existence, his incarnation, his miraculous birth, his redemptive work, his imminent return and his rule.
  The Holy Spirit: His personality, his regenerative action.

3 - The fall of Adam and all his descendants.

4 - Redemption foretold by the prophets and brought about by the atoning death and bodily resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

5 - Salvation, the gift of God's grace, accepted by faith and freely granted, not brought about by works, the works being the necessary fruit of faith.

6 - Eternal life promised to the redeemed. The eternal punishment of unrepentant sinners.

7 - The Church consists of all those redeemed by Christ, who make up his body, regardless of the denominations to which they belong.

8 - The local church, an organization needed in practice for the maintenance and propagation of the faith and for the multiplication of believers.


From 1992 to the end of 2018 we were affiliated to and existed within the framework of a French Worship Association France-Mission. "Vision France" and "France Mission" united to become PERSPECTIVES on the 1st January 2019. On the 27th September 2015, our Church became a Worship Association in its own right. Our first place of worship was in the city centre at "52, rue Grande". In 1996 these premises became too small for our needs and the church found a new home at "5, rue du 8 mai", (An old bank branch). Then on July 10, 2005, we moved again to "2 and 4, rue Pierre Loti". And in the summer of 2011, we acquired our new place of worship at "5, allée des Lucioles". The church is made up of people who live in the town of Châteauroux and in the Indre department, families with children, young people, singles and retirees.
In our Sunday morning worship we seek to promote knowledge of the Bible, to motivate Christians to live out their faith, to praise God with songs and to share in the Lord's Supper. Occasionally we organize meals together or a picnic when the weather permits.


Perspectives churches in France

History of the Protestant Evangelical Church of Châteauroux and its development :

 In 1992, a few people sign an agreement with "France-Mission" (Note : "Vision France" and "France Mission" united to become "Perspectives" on the 1st January 2019).
A small premises is rented at "52, rue Grande", in the centre of Châteauroux.

 In 1994 a missionary couple join the group. The church is growing and new premises are required. In 1997 the church moves to "5, rue du 8 mai 1945", in the "St Jean" district.

 The official opening of the premises located at "5, rue du 8 mai", is held on october 11, 1997 in the presence of the President of France-Mission and the Deputy Mayor. The Pastor of the Reformed Church and the priest of the most important catholic church in Châteauroux are also present.

 In December 1998, the association ASCEPE (Socio-Cultural Association of the Protestant Evangelical Church), is created to provide a legal framework for local activities.

 In July 1999, France-Mission and the Protestant Evangelical Church of Châteauroux organize an outreach campaign in the city. Several events are held : an Bible exhibition, a Gospel Choir concert, a musical, children's clubs outdoors, distribution of Christian literature etc ... Following this campaign, the first website of the ASCEPE association is created. A club for local children is also created on our premises following this campaign. Another web site is made available online to show, by theme, the key moments of this event.

 In 2001, another woman missionary joins the team. She is very active with the kids club and visits single people. That same year, we begin a small group meeting in the town of "Le Blanc".

 In April 2002, another couple come for 2 years to look after the pastoral work in "Le Blanc". They leave in June 2006 to move to another workplace.

 In 2005, the premises located at "5, rue du 8 mai", become too small. We move to a larger place with several rooms at "2 and 4, rue Pierre Loti".

 In July 2011, we leave the premises at "2 and 4 rue Pierre Loti" following the acquisition of the premises located at "5 allée des Lucioles", in Châteauroux. During the period when the new premises were undergoing renovation, the Church met in a number of different halls throughout the town, loaned by the Town Hall. At the end of September 2012 the Church was at last able to start meeting in the new premises, which will be opened officially over the weekend of 17th/18th November

 On the 27th September 2015, our Church became a Worship Association in its own right.

  June 22nd2020, the pastoral couple, Paul and Marjorie Dowling, have stopped their pastoral ministry to go to England to enjoy a nice retreat with their family.

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